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Jethro Jackson

Jethro is invigorated and inspired by the sea. Working from his studio in North Cornwall he is bounded by the ocean and time spent in these surroundings forces an impulsive, almost tidal creativity. His bold, painterly pictures appear to be lit from within, perfectly capturing the mood, tone and unique ambiance of the wild coast as it varies with the tides and changing seasons.

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Elsa Taylor

Elsa Taylor lives and paints from her home in the Cotswolds. Her inspiration derives from the surrounding countryside, from her travels to the Umbrian hills and from the dramatic beauty of the far north of Scotland and the coast of Cornwall – it is these very different landscapes that form the bedrock of her work.

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Ann Armitage

At her cottage in Treen, in her upstairs studio, many of Ann’s paintings begin life as tiny versions of their finished selves. Painted in oils on newspaper and pasted into sketchbooks, these are used as reference. Ann’s work is primarily oil on board or canvas and is a direct response to everyday objects around her, and the coastline where she walks daily. Under painting is integral to the finished piece...

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David Pearce

David's work explores the notion of the ephemeral and the fragility of existence in both a personal and wider context. In these fast paced virtual times, he paints as it feels innate, constant, tangible. Trying to work with a primitive directness, using seemingly simple compositions and just enough complexity and confusion to hold the attention. The paintings are deliberately intimate in size, with no ego or grandeur.

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Richard Cook

Richard Cook is a leading British painter. Exhibiting for over 25 years, in 2001 Richard was given a solo show at Tate St Ives

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