Jackson Gallery

Georgia Hart


Georgia works solely with palette knives, in oil on paper. The knives allow her to achieve her signature impasto style that aims to utilise bold and energetic marks in thick layers of paint, while remaining buttery and clean in feeling. Georgia’s process is intuitive and fast. She makes quick decisions as to what to preserve when layering, blending and dragging the knives through the paint.


Georgia’s words:-

“The Atlantic is the vast expanse of water that connects my identities. As both British and Canadian, I’ve spent a lot of time crossing the Atlantic and it’s where this ferocious body of water touches the land that I find my inspiration.

I have been coming to Cornwall my whole life. It’s like an anchor. Spending time in Rock has been a constant that feels familiar and wild simultaneously. The Camel Estuary is juxtaposed in that while it is such a constant, it is ever-changing, and its reality shifts from minute to minute. Whether it be the weather, the tide, the light, or the Doom Bar’s twice-daily retreat into the ocean, the same view is rarely the same.

The force of the Atlantic is so unfathomable. It reminds us of its power from time to time, and it can relax to a still Caribbean-like turquoise. It’s this incredible contrast and ceaseless change that provided the inspiration for this collection of paintings.”

Georgia Hart, 2022


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