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Jethro is invigorated and inspired by the sea. Working from his studio in North Cornwall he is bounded by the ocean and time spent in these surroundings forces an impulsive, almost tidal creativity. His bold, painterly pictures appear to be lit from within, perfectly capturing the mood, tone and unique ambiance of the wild coast as it varies with the tides and changing seasons. Intensive periods of creativity are followed by calmer phases of consideration where the artist will stand back, observe and adjust colours and marks until the image is complete.

Collected moments have resonated with the artist, leaving an indelible trace on his subconscious. Each image is loaded with visual mementos taken from these experiences in the landscape. Walks along the clifftops as a storm approaches the islands off Pentire, illuminated with fiery sunlight; the rolling grey seas and shafts of aqua light hitting the waves, these colours inevitably find their way into a painting, subtly resting beneath the perpetual haze of pale blue and grey. Every image is the result of a considered yet totally compulsive process of decision making and decisive creative action.

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