Golden Swell

Our Precious Ocean


Framed, Hand Finished Giclée Print, Hand Finished with 24k Gold Leaf and Lapis Lazuli.
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Jethro Jackson’s hand-finished print ‘Golden Swell’ is the result of a special collaboration with Cornish community interest company Beach Guardian.

Beach Guardian was formed by Marine Biologist Emily Stevenson and her Dad Rob. They are best known for their on-going mission to remove plastic from our shorelines, as well as their seemingly limitless energy and positivity! But the work of this brilliant organisation actually goes much further. The team organise educational workshops and beach cleans to help schools and other groups to connect with their environment.

We feel that their work is so important – not just the beach cleaning part, but the mental health benefits for the school children and volunteers who get involved.

Jethro and the Beach Guardian Team at Jackson Gallery, Rock. [Emily, Rob, and Andrew.]

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Children particularly can suffer from eco-anxiety as they quietly absorb news reports and school lessons about global warming and plastic in our environment. Seeing full bags at the end of a beach clean gives a huge sense of achievement and of having done something tangible to help. As Rob explained, the physical act of sifting sand is therapeutic not just for children but adults of all ages.

The Beach Guardian team came to visit Jethro in his studio and see his new group of abstract paintings, ‘Impermanent Horizon’. In these paintings, Jethro draws attention to the sea as a precious resource. He uses gold leaf and Lapis Lazuli to express the intrinsic value of the ocean in this cathartic group.

‘Golden Swell’ is a link between this group and Jethro’s seascapes, which represent a different type of preciousness…

“The sea brings so many of us our precious memories and enjoyment. Like a giant magnet that pulls us to it, we fill our lungs with deep breaths of salted air and wash away troubles.”      Jethro Jackson

Behind the scenes in the studio.

Jethro has hand finished 10 of these special prints with gold leaf and Lapis Lazuli blue paint. £1000 from the sale of each print will go to support the work of the Beach Guardian team.

There is one very special ‘AP’ (artist’s proof) print that Emily herself helped to finish with gold leaf, with a little help from Jethro! This also features pieces of aquamarine and lapis coloured plastic – gathered from the Camel estuary by the Beach Guardian team. These fragments are used as in a collage to represent people in the sea.

Emily in Jethro’s studio hand-finishing an AP print of ‘Golden Swell’.

How ‘Golden Swell’ worked as a transition series…

Over the last 18 months, Jethro has worked cathartically on his new series of abstracts. He has limited the work traditionally associated to him and he knows that this is drawing to a close. Jethro will always be one of the landscape, and Cornish, so this will continue to influence and shape his work until he no longer can. He wished to do something to link the past with the present, but also draw attention to our seas and its resources. The ocean brings so many of us precious memories, fun and enjoyment. As Jethro states:

“Like a giant magnet that pulls us to it, we fill our lungs with deep breaths of salted air and wash away troubles.”

Jethro has finished 10 Golden Swell prints. He has collated this series, not only commemorate his time painting his loved and treasured Cornish landscapes, but also to raise awareness and money for a small local charity, who’s work is invaluable. The Beach Guardian have gathered a community to remove tons of plastic from our beaches, including micro plastics. The profits raised from the sale of Golden swell will help Facilitate this work further.