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Jethro Jackson - Hand Finished Prints

For the past 3 years, Jethro has been collaborating with David D’Silva, a master print-maker based in West Cornwall. Together, the pair have developed a unique collection of hand-finished, limited edition screen prints.

The process :

Using digital technology to scan the original paintings, these prints are made using traditional screen printing techniques, where layers of individual colour create a final image. Multiple ‘screens’ are made to capture the forms and tonal ranges in the painting, and each screen lays a single colour onto the paper. In this particular collection by Jethro, around 60 screens is required per image.

The process is time consuming and intensely precise. The result : a delicately nuanced version of Jethro’s original painting, elegantly conveying the rich colour palette, delicate luminosity and painterly surface which is so synonymous with Jethro’s style.

Once the edition has been produced by David (following a series of proofing sessions and multiple adjustments to make sure it’s perfect), Jethro hand-finishes each print – adding figures walking on the beach, dogs giving chase or birds caught on the wing. These small gestures ensure that each print is unique.

Each print is signed and numbered by Jethro.

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